The European Vegetable Cheese Association (EVCA) is the trade organisation for all companies involved in the production of and/or trade in vegetable cheese., also known as cheese-analogues.

Vegetable cheese is a composed product out of natural ingredients. By variantions in the recipies it is possible to respons to the specific needs of the customer. Examples of that are the use of less animal (saturated) fats by vegetable oils. By doing this the endproduct is beter suited for people with lactose allergy.

Vegetable cheese is therefore not ‘cheese’ in common meaning of the word but a product that is based on dairy but because of the changes in composition is no longer a regular dairy product.

Within EVCA vegetable cheese includes both dairy product with added vegetable oils as well als dairy product where animal fats have been replaced by vegetable oils.

What can we do for you?

EVCA is the association of the European dairy industry working on their common interests towards stakeholders such as the EU institutions the Commission, Parliament, Council of Ministers, Economic and Social Committee… and the international bodies the Codex Alimentarius, the World Trade Organization....

EVCA is the platform for the European dairy industry to work together on main items like policy developments on nutrition and health, on food safety, on sustainability and on market management as part of the EU Common Agricultural Policy.